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5 best coffee shops in Tokyo and Kyoto

5 best coffee shops in Tokyo and Kyoto

If you are a caffeine addict, love the science behind coffee, espresso then you would will absolutely love this post. Everytime I book my travel one of the very first things I do is to not book hotels/airbnb’s but look for interesting coffee shops in the area. Japan has a ton of these and it is extremely hard to choose from. These are my top five coffee experiences in Japan of the places I tried while I was there. The key factors which influenced my choices were barista knowledge, good pour overs, espresso drinks, is the latte art on point and finally the decor.

Koffee Mameya, Tokyo

Located in the omotesando neighbourhood of Tokyo, this was the best coffee shop I have ever visited. period. There are many things about this coffee shop which will blow your mind. They strive to provide a very intimate and a private coffee experience and they don’t rush you through it. At any given time the barista is attending only upto one or two customers. So this is not a typical coffee shop where you can grab a quick takeaway. Apart from the super minimalistic ambience you will also notice the barista’s dressed in lab coats like doctors. Although, the coffee prices are a bit heavy on the pocket but totally worth the $$$. Meera and I had the pour overs here and they don’t make espresso based drinks.

Kurasu, Kyoto

This small coffee shop in Kyoto is everything you can crave for for your morning dose of caffeine. They are more popularly known for their merchandise and coffee equipment sales online. The coffee shop itself is small with very pleasing aesthetics. The ceramics they use for serving their coffee is also elegant. We tried the house espresso blend for a cappuccino and one pour over. Both were great, and the barista was super passionate about coffee and we had a good conversation. I ended up picking their house espresso blend beans and to-date is the best I have tried so far.

Fuglen, Tokyo

This hip norwegian coffee shop located in the neighbourhood of Asakusa, Tokyo and within walking distance of the Senso-ji temple is one you wouldn’t want to miss. I particularly liked this place for their coffee shop design. As with any scandinavian shops, they nice clean design, bright colors, and minimalistic approach to their store. They also serve breakfast as well. We tried a cappuccino and pour over at this place.

% Arabica, Kyoto

This lovely little coffee shop is located in the old town of Kyoto in Higashiyama. If you are exploring the old town of Kyoto by foot, I would highly recommend a cappuccino or a cortado from this place to just set you for the day. The store design is minimalistic and has clean white colors with nice yellow lamps. They also have a custom espresso machine with “%”logo which glows.

Weekender Coffee, Kyoto

This hole in the wall coffee shop is a quaint little place a bit hidden away from the street and could be very easy to miss. There are a couple of spots to sit outside the store, but mainly is takeaway. I specifically loved their special EK-43 single origin espresso. I loved the barista and he was very particular about grind size, extraction time, weight and that showed in the cappuccino I had, which was fantastic!

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